Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare’s new season has arrived, and it brought the first new map changes to the game’s battle royale mode. But those aren’t the only changes that came with this latest patch, there’s also new Warzone weapons, bug fixes, and a whole season’s worth of additions.

Season 5 marks the most changes Infinity Ward has ever brought to Warzone in just one update. The Verdansk map now has two bustling new — or renovated — locations with the train station and the stadium, which players can now go inside.

On top of that, there’s now also a functioning train circling the map. Along with these changes to Verdansk, Warzone will also have revamped loot this season, including new weapons. The season even brought back Warzone’s BR Duos mode, which is always a fan favorite

Warzone’s Gulag is also getting an exciting new change. Rather than the old standard of creating one set of weapons that players can get at random in the Gulag every season, the weapons will now rotate between four different sets. Players will get a new set of random weapons every week, which should keep things fresh and interesting.

Along with all these Warzone changes, the patch also brings some new content to Modern Warfare. There are two new multiplayer maps, Petrov Oil Rig and Suldal Harbor, as well as a Ground War map based on the Verdansk airport. Season 5 also adds the new AN-94 assault rifle, and the ISO SMG to the game as well.

For a look at everything coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone this season, you can check out the patch’s content road map and the full patch notes.

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